IRIS 4 Panel Pet Pen Review

When you have a puppy or small breed of dog, one of the best products you can buy for them and yourself is a playpen. They get some space where they can exercise, and you get to keep them secure in one place.

IRIS 4 Panel Pet Pen Review

That is provided that they have already been crate trained of course. The IRIS 4 Panel Pet Pen is one of the most in demand playpens for this purpose.


IRIS 8 Panel Pet Pen Review

If you’re like most dog owners, you don’t want your pet confined in a small space all the time. You need a nice playpen that offers lots of space and open air, which you can use anywhere. And if you’re looking for a great playpen, the IRIS Plastic Pet Playpen 8-Panel is an excellent option and is one of our best dog playpen selections.

IRIS 8 Panel Pet Pen

This playpen is a longtime favorite among dog owners, and is very highly regarded. It’s a well established absolute classic that continues to get rave reviews online from its latest buyers.


Midwest Black E Coat Exercise Pen With Step Thru Door

If you want to get your dog a nice exercise pen that you can use indoors or outdoors the Midwest Black E Coat Exercise Pen With Step Thru Door is worth considering.


Midwest are one of the most renowned manufacturers of dog crates and pens. They consistently rank well against similar competing products in their category.

It is therefore of no surprise that this Midwest Exercise Pen, which also comes in a gold-zinc finish version or a black e-coat version without a door is a highly popular choice. The Midwest exercise pen also features in our featured Best Dog Playpen Reviews.


Dog Kennel Covers To Settle Your Pet

Dog kennel covers are a great way to help calm your dog down.

dog kennel covers

They are also great for helping to teach him when it’s time to quieten down and take a nap or go to sleep.

On this page we’ll discuss the use of kennel covers for dog crates.

We’ll also look at some popular covers to purchase for your crate.

If you’re in a rush, you can choose the type of crate cover you’re looking for from the categories below. (more…)

Best Dog Toys 2018 For Puppies, Dogs, & Extreme Chewers

Just like us dogs benefit well from exercise and entertainment. Naturally we can’t be worth our pets all of the time, but that does not mean that your canine companion should be left in boredom in your absence. There are a fantastic range of toys to purchase for your pet that can help with crate training. In this article we select some of our choices of the best dog toys to give your dog some exercise and help keep him or her entertained and out of mischief.
Best Dog Toys

SmithBuilt Dog Crate Review

If you are looking for a cheap dog crate intended to secure your dog, the Heavy Duty SmithBuilt crate is one of the most popular in this category. In this heavy duty Smithbuilt dog crate review, we’ll take a detailed look at why this crate is so popular, and what it has to offer.

Heavy Duty SmithBuilt Dog Crate

SmithBuilt is a family owned company. Their aim is to provide high quality crates at reasonable prices. They are targeting their products at a perceived gap in the market of customers looking for high quality, affordable products.


Merry Products Dog Crate End Table With Cover

If you believe a dog crate should also look fantastic in your home, then read on for our Merry Products Dog Crate End Table With Cover Review.

Merry Products Dog Crate

Dog crates that look like furniture are a fantastic way to turn an unsightly dog cage into a fantastic centerpiece. This Merry Products deluxe wood and wire dog crate is a product that achieves exactly that effect. (more…)

Dog Crate Training Basics

Having a dog is like having a new member of the family, but just like with a toddler, your pet can get up to mischief without some good crate training basics to teach them to understanding your boundaries.

Crate Training Basics

Or maybe your dog will not react well to guests (or maybe is too friendly with and demanding attention from guests), or vice versa – maybe your guests are fearful or uncomfortable around dogs, so you need somewhere to keep her and your guests safe from disturbing each other.

First things first, you need to learn some dog crate training basics to introduce your dog to her crate and get her to start entering it and feeling comfortable with the door closed.

A crate enables you to house train your dog, reducing stress and anxiety for your family, your guests and your pet. They also come in handy for keeping your pet safe and secure while transporting him or her from one place to another. Let’s look at some basics in dog crate training to get your pet to accept and start using their crate. (more…)

Tips For Crate Training An Adult Dog

While it may be relatively easy to housebreak young pups with a crate, and teach them how to behave properly, so that they become well-adjusted adult dogs, crate training an adult dog may not be so easy for new owners of a fully grown dog that hasn’t been crate trained.

Crate Training An Adult Dog

There is the saying that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” And this simply stems from the fact that like with us humans, we can be easily trained to behave in a certain fashion when we are toddlers, but as teenagers or adults, not so likely. However, that does not mean that it is impossible, just that it may be more tricky, and may require more patience.