It can be a bit confusing knowing which KONG toy size to buy for your pet. For your convenience we have prepared an interactive Kong Size chart / table to help you select the correct size for your dog.

Kong Size Chart

Kong’s vary depending on your pet’s age and weight. And there is a separate version for dogs that are also extreme chewers, thus requiring a heavy duty chew toy.

Kong Size Chart - Search Your Dog Breed

Here's a chart to help you find the right Kong toy for your dog. Search for your breed, sort the list, or click through the pages. After identifying the correct toy and size needed, click the toy link in the table footer to buy it.
BreedPuppyClassic (Adult)Extreme (Adult Heavy Duty)Senior
Australian ShepherdLLLL
Basset HoundM, LL, XLL, XLL
BeagleS, MM, LM, LM, L
Bernese Mountain DogLXL, XXLXL, XXL**
Bichins FriseS, MS, MS, MM
BloodhoundLXL, XXLXL, XXL**
Border CollieLLLL
Boston TerrierS, MM, LM, LM, L
BrittanyM, LM, LM, LM, L
Bull TerrierLL, XLL, XLL
BulldogLXL, XXLXL, XXL**
Cavalier King Charles SpanielSMMM
ChihuahuaXS, SXS, SSS
Chinese Shar-PeiML, XLL, XLL
Cocker SpanielS, MM, LM, LM, L
CollieM, LL, XLL, XLL
DachschundM, LLM, LM, L
Doberman PinscherM*, LL, XL, XXLL, XL, XXLL
English Springer SpanielLLLL
French BulldogM, LM, LM, LM, L
German ShepherdL*L, XL, XXLL, XL, XXLL
German Shorthaired PointerM*, LL, XLL, XLL
Golden RetrieverL*L, XL, XXLL, XL, XXLL
Great DaneL*XXLXXL**
Labrador RetrieverM*, LL, XL, XXLL, XL, XXLL
Miniature PinscherSSSS
Miniature SchauzerS, MS, MS, MM
Pembroke Welsh CorgiM, LM, LM, LM, L
Pit BullL*XL, XXLXL, XXL**
PomeranianXS, XXS, SSS
Poodle StandardM*, LL, XLL, XLL
Poodle MiniatureS, MM, LM, LM, L
PugS, MM, LM, LM, L
Rhodesian RidgebackM*, LL,XL, XXLL,XL, XXLL
RottweilerL*XL, XXLXL, XXL**
Shetland SheepdogS*, MM, LM, LM, L
Shih TzuS, MS, MS, MM
Siberian HuskieM*, LL, XLL, XLL
Wheatan TerrierM, LLLL
St. BernardL*XXLXXL**
VizslaM, LLLL
WeimaranerM*, LL, XL, XXLL, XL, XXLL
West Highland White TerrierS*, MM, LM, LM, L
Yorkshire TerrierS, MS, MS, MM
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KONG Classic Toy Versions Explained

First of all, let’s discuss the KONG Company’s four Kong toy versions. Three of the Kong toys are designed around the age of your pet. A fourth is designed for a pet that is a power chewer and requires a heavy duty dog toy. Each type is color coded to make it easy to identify which type of toy it is.

Puppy KONG

Kong Puppy Kong ToyAs the name suggests, this KONG puppy toy is suitable for puppies. However, note that the asterisked / starred (*) entries in the KONG size chart alongside the dog breeds that grow particularly quickly indicate that the size is only appropriate for while the puppy is very young.

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As these breeds grow quickly, you will want to size up accordingly to ensure that they continue to have the correct size for their safety and enjoyment.

This KONG Puppy toy is colored blue or pink. Unfortunately, you may not be able to choose the color.

It comes in several sizes to suit dog breed and weight. Consult the Kong Size chart to identify the correct size to buy.

Classic KONG

KONG Classic KONG Dog ToyThe KONG classic toy is the standard or regular KONG toy for adult dogs.

This toy is colored red.

It comes in several sizes to suit dog breed and weight.

Consult the Kong Size chart to identify the correct size to buy.

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Extreme KONG

KONG Extreme Dog ToyThe KONG Extreme toy is for extreme chewer dogs. It’s a Heavy Duty KONG Toy.

This toy is colored black.

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It comes in several sizes to suit dog breed and weight. Consult the Kong Size chart to identify the correct size to buy.

If you have a escape proof dog crate, then you’ll probably want to keep him busy with an strong KONG toy.

Senior KONG

KONG Senior Dog ToyAs a dog ages, and the strength of their jaw and teeth changes.

The regular KONG Classic is no longer suitable for a dog in his or her senior years, and instead they should have a KONG Senior toy instead.

This toy is colored purple.

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It comes in several sizes to suit dog breed and weight. Consult the Kong Size chart to identify the correct size to buy.

The chart is broken down by dog breed against the matching KONG toy and size to get according to age. Click the column header to purchase.

Simply match the breed against the toy and the intersection where they meet will give you the correct Kong toy size to buy. You will find a link to buy the appropriate toy for your dog either by clicking on the column header, or the links underneath the chart.

Dog Toy Safety

Your dog’s safety is your responsibility. You should supervise your pet’s initial use of the toy to ensure it is being used safely. This includes ensuring that your dog is unable to destroy the toy, and ensuring that you buy the correct size.

If your pet is destroying the toy, it should be disposed of and replaced either with a larger size or with a KONG Extreme. Note that while the KONG Extreme is produced for power chewer dogs, it should still NOT be assumed to be indestructible. If your dog is able to break the toy then dispose of it immediately.

If you have a multiple dog household, then only buy the KONG size toy suitable for the largest dog. This is to ensure that there is no danger to the larger dog from having access to a toy that is too small for him or her, which would present a risk of choking or suffocation.

Where To Buy It

You can buy the KONG classic toy through Amazon. On the product page you will then have the option to select the appropriate size toy for your pet.

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KONG Stuff’N Easy Treat – A Primer To Get Your Dog’s Attention

KONG Stuff'N Easy Treat 8-OunceThe KONG toy for dogs is not just one of the best dog toys, it also serves an additional function of providing a way to treat your dog. This is due to its hollow inside design, which enables you to stuff it full with food or treats.

Want to fill the toy with treats but not sure where to begin?

No problem, KONG have you covered there too with their own Stuff’N Easy Treat dog treat formula.

It acts as a primer to line the inner surface of your KONG toy.

There is a version for puppies and several flavors for adult dogs.

It is quick and easy to use. You simply squirt a little bit inside to line the inner surface

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How To Fill Your KONG video

Thanks for checking out the KONG size chart and learning more about how to choose a KONG dog toy for your pet.