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Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates Review 2017: Strong Escape Proof Cages

Escape Proof Dog CrateSo you know that your dog makes light work figuring out how to destroy or escape from a standard crate. And it's now time for an escape proof, indestructible, gorilla tough, dog crate to secure your strong or smart Houdini right? Then you're in the right place. We've reviewed a selection of the toughest heavy duty dog crates that best match your needs and budget.

As you've probably learned, if not experienced – perhaps more than once, regular crates are no good for a large or powerful dog that will happily destroy, chew, or break out from a regular kennel. Neither are they suitable for smart Houdini dogs that quick learn where crate weaknesses are and then exploit them as soon as you're out of sight.

To crate train a powerful or escape artist dog that keeps getting out of their cage, you'll need a strong, tough and secure heavy duty pet crate. One that is designed and built to be virtually indestructible and inescapable; hink an Alcatraz dog crate. Continue reading

Airline Approved Dog Crates For Pet Travel Buying Guide

Airline Approved Dog Crates For Pet Travel Buying Guide

airline approved dog cratesIn this guide, we'll be looking at the types of airline approved dog crates and carriers available and where to buy them. If you're in a hurry, you can click the links to jump:

It's important when flying with your pet not only to select an IATA airline approved dog crate / carrier correct for your breed of dog.

Continue reading

IATA 82 Dog Crates – Buy A CR 82 Airline Approved Kennel

IATA 82 Dog Crates – How To Buy One

IATA 82 Dog Crates

Heavy Duty IATA 82 Compliant Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate

When it comes to traveling with powerful dogs that have a reputation for being aggressive or fighters, you need to find a crate that goes beyond standard IATA airline approved dog kennel requirements. You will need to look at IATA 82 dog crates that meet more stringent requirements to be able to fly with your pet.

Safety is critical when flying for passengers and pets alike. So for dog breeds that may make short work of a plastic crate, special crate requirements are in place. The IATA CR 82 requirements set out the specific requirements for a more strong, sturdy and robust dog crate to keep large, powerful and strong dogs secure. Let's look at what they are and help you buy an IATA 82 dog kennel. Continue reading