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Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate Review 2017 – Escape Proof Cages

Escape Proof Dog CrateIf you’re here, then we are probably agreed that an escape proof or heavy duty dog crate has become a must. A large or powerful dog that will happily destroy, chew, break, or find another way to escape from a regular kennel will now need something much tougher.

To train such a powerful or Houdini dog, you need a strong, tough and secure heavy duty pet crate that is designed and built to be virtually indestructible and inescapable. We’ve reviewed several of the best heavy duty crates for dogs to fit a range of budgets. Continue reading

Houdini Dog Escapes Crate! How They Do It & How To Stop Them

Houdini Dog Escapes Crate? Here’s How To Buy The Right Kennel

Dog Escapes CrateMany people think that simply buying a crate will be enough to keep their pet secure and contained. Unfortunately this is not always the case and “dog escapes crate”, “Houdini dog”, “escape artist dog” and other terms are common headline shrieks.

Owners can be quite surprised to leave their dog at home, then on their return find their pet greeting them at the door. And maybe their pet had got up to mischief creating mess and chewing a few apart while they were at it. They did not realize they needed a heavy duty escape proof dog crate. So let’s take a look at how dogs can escape from standard crates. Continue reading

How To Buy An Airline Approved Dog Crate For Pet Travel

How To Buy An Airline Approved Dog Crate For Pet Travel

airline approved dog crateIn this guide, we’ll be looking at the types of airline approved dog crate and carriers available and where to buy them. If you’re in a hurry, you can click the links to jump:

It’s important when flying with your pet not only to select an IATA airline approved dog crate / carrier correct for your breed of dog.

Continue reading

IATA 82 Dog Crates – Buy A CR 82 Airline Approved Kennel

IATA 82 Dog Crates – How To Buy One

IATA 82 Dog Crates

Heavy Duty IATA 82 Compliant Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate

When it comes to traveling with powerful dogs that have a reputation for being aggressive or fighters, you need to find a crate that goes beyond standard IATA airline approved dog kennel requirements. You will need to look at IATA 82 dog crates that meet more stringent requirements to be able to fly with your pet.

Safety is critical when flying for passengers and pets alike. So for dog breeds that may make short work of a plastic crate, special crate requirements are in place. The IATA CR 82 requirements set out the specific requirements for a more strong, sturdy and robust dog crate to keep large, powerful and strong dogs secure. Let’s look at what they are and help you buy an IATA 82 dog kennel. Continue reading

What Is The Best Dog Crate To Buy In 2017?

What Is The Best Dog Crate To Buy In 2017?

Best Dog CrateIndoor dog crates, outdoor dog kennels, and dog playpens can all help us to train and bond with our pet. Finding the best dog crate for indoor use in 2017 depends on a number of factors.

There are several different types of indoor dog kennel to choose from. And there are different needs and purposes that the crates serve.

We’ve broken our coverage of the best pet crates down to the following common dog kennel cage types. Click the type you’re interested in:

Wire Dog Crates

Heavy Duty Dog Crates

Wicker Dog Crates

Portable Plastic Dog Crates / Carriers

Soft Sided Dog Crates

Dog Crate End Table / Furniture Dog Crates

The most common reason for buying a crate is for dog training. They are a great aid for training a dog, whether you’ve just become the proud owner of a new small puppy, or a large adult dog.

Or if you have a pet that can get a bit aggressive or out of control, or a pet that simply can’t stop getting up to mischief. So working out what the best dog crate to buy is, depends on a number of factors.

In addition to crates for home use, dog crates for travel are also available for whether you are taking your pet for a journey by car to the vet, or via plane to fly cross-country.

Dog Size And Temperament Are Important Factors To Choosing A Crate

Buying the correct crate for your pet will depend on the size of your dog. It also depends on his or her temperament. Some crates simply serve as a basic or decorative container for your pet.

Most decorative crates may only be adequate for a housebroken pet that will not try to escape from it. Or a puppy undergoing training that isn’t strong enough to break out of it.

Other crates are very strong and sturdy to contain dogs that will do their best to break or escape from the cage.

So one of the first essentials to consider before buying a crate is the size and weight of your dog, and whether your dog is likely to remain passive, or get aggressive or panic when placed inside a crate.

Assuming you have a puppy, or a tame dog that will not try to break out of his cage, there are several types of crates that you may buy.

You can buy crates are made of wood, wicker, plastic, metal wire, soft sided material, or metal including aluminum. Let’s look at each of these different types, so you can find the best dog crate for you in the correct category.

For powerful escape artist dogs or those that get aggressive or panic when placed in a cage, then you need to consider heavy duty dog crates.

Types Of Indoor Dog Crate

Wire Dog Crate

Best Wire Dog Crate

Midwest Life Stages Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

The wire dog crate is the traditional dog crate.

Wire dog kennels are highly popular for owners that want a sturdy and secure solution, and particularly suited for crate training puppies or dogs that have already been crate trained.

They are typically inexpensive compared to other types of crate that focus on utility or aesthetics.

As they are a cage made of thin wire they also provide maximum visibility compared to other types of crate. So it’s easy for you to keep an eye on your pet. And vice versa, your dog can feel relaxed seeing that you are there. You can use dog crate covers for times of privacy or settling your pet down for rest or sleep.

Best Wire Dog Crate

The Midwest iCrate Pet Crate and Midwest Life Stages Dog Crate are two of the bestselling crates in this category with excellent dog crate reviews. The Lifestages has the better construction of the two. As the words in the title Life stages suggests, the crate is intended to be used as your puppy grows into a full adult dog. It may cost slightly more than the iCrate. But we feel the price difference is a negligible, justified and smart investment.

So we give the top rating to the Midwest Life Stages Crate as our Best Wire Dog Crate. It is available in two door designs: single door and double door. Having two doors gives the additional benefit and convenience of having both long and short side crate access for your dog to enter and leave the crate, or for you to access the inside of the crate.

The crates come with a divider to ensure that you can allocate the right amount of accessible space for a puppy, as he or she grows into their full adult dog size.

Their are six shared Midwest dog crate sizes in terms of length: 22, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48″ L. A smaller 18″ L version is also available for the iCrate only.

The crate is also collapsible thanks to it’s folding build. This makes it quick and simple to set up the crate, and take it down again if you need to recover space or move the crate.

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They are great cheap dog crates for large dogs that do not go crazy and try to bash, smash, or chew their way out of the crate, when locked inside. For those that do, see the heavy duty dog crates section below.

The Midwest crates are the best choice for training a puppy while young. They are adjustable to grow with your pet into adulthood, thanks to the divider they come with.

Wicker Dog Crate

Wicker Dog Crate

Mr. Herzher’s Medium Pet Residence

These crates are mainly aimed at owners of dogs that are already crate trained who are looking for a crate a little different and decorative.

Because the main material is wicker, it can easily be chewed and destroyed, so wouldn’t want to use it for an untrained pet, lest they quickly rip away all the wicker and destroy the crate.

Wicker dog crates may have their frame reinforced with metal wire. Essentially they are a hybrid of wire crate frame with wicker coating / exterior to beautify it.

Best Wicker Dog Crate

There wasn’t really much variety of this type of crate, which is not surprising as their main appeal is aesthetic rather than utility, and are a beautified version of a wire dog crate. If you would like one the Mr. Herzher’s Medium Pet Residence is a good choice.

Click Here To Buy on Amazon

Plastic Dog Crate / Carrier / Portable Dog Kennels

Best Plastic Dog Crate

Petmate Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel

A plastic dog crate is most commonly seen in use for transporting a pet from one location to another. As such, these portable dog kennels often include a carry handle for that purpose.

These portable kennels for dogs may also sometimes be referred to as a hard-sided dog carrier or plastic dog carrier. They make the job of transporting your pet to and from home quick, simple and easy compared to most other crates.

Maybe you are looking to get a new pet yourself, you already know about these crates, and are looking to get one to help you bring your new pet home. And wondering what one to buy.

Or maybe you are considering getting one for your new pet’s den, as they are also used as indoor dog kennels, albeit mainly for smaller breeds of dog and puppies that will now grow much.

For larger puppy breeds, they are typically used in a very temporary capacity, rather than as a dog’s den. This is because a growing pet will soon outgrow the crate. Not only that, but a plastic cage is also not designed for housebreaking a growing puppy. Plastic dog kennels can’t be easily sectioned off like wire crates can, such as the Midwest Life Stages Crate.

Their domestic storage footprint is light, as commonly the top and bottom halves are separable. So when not in use you can store one half of the crate inside the other.

Best Plastic Dog Crate

The Petmate Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel is our pick of the best plastic dog crate for all round general use. Its front and side doors allow for easy and convenient access to the crate for you and your pet.

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Best Airline Approved Dog Crate

Best Plastic Crate For Airline Travel

Petmate Sky Kennel

Plastic crates are not just convenient for providing the portability for traveling with your pet by foot or on the road. There are also plastic airline approved dog crates that enable you to travel with your pet by air.

However, note there is an exception for more powerful dog breeds. The IATA sets the common requirements across airlines for pet travel by air, ánd more stringent rules must be followed in the case of powerful dog breeds. This includes requiring a heavy duty IATA 82 dog crate.

The Petmate Sky Kennel is our pick of the best plastic dog crate for air travel with your dog. As the name suggests, it was designed to be an airline crate for pet travel.

Note however, that while you can find many plastic crates that are airline approved, this simply means that it meets an agreed set of standards set by the IATA. It does not mean that the crate is okay for travel on all airlines, or that the airline you’re considering flying with allows pet travel. The crate may require the purchase of accessories to make it compliant for flying your pet. Read on for more info.

Click Here To Buy This Crate On Amazon

Check The Airline’s Requirements Before Flying

Pet Airline Travel Kit

Pet Airline Travel Kit For Dog Crates

You will need to check the pet travel requirements of the airline that you are considering flying with. This is because some airlines do impose their own additional conditions or requirements on top of the standard requirements for IATA airline approved crates.

One of those extra requirements might be that the crate does not have a top door, typical of some plastic crates. So do additionally always check the requirements of the airline(s) you’re considering flying with.

The Petmate Sky Kennel does not have a top door. Like its name suggests, the Petmate Sky Kennel is designed to meet air travel requirements.

The Petmate Sky Kennel does include a dog crate airline travel kit that includes other standard required airline essentials. The included airline travel kit that consists of dog identification stickers, “Live Animal” labels, food and water cups to keep your pet nourished and refreshed, and an absorbent pad for handling any crate spillages.

However, one small potential snag with the Petmate Sky Kennel is that it uses plastic bolts to secure the two halves of the crate. Some airlines like United now insist on metal bolts being used. If that is the case, you can easily replace the plastic bolts in this crate yourselves with an inexpensive aluminum metal dog crate hardware kit like this one.

Some airlines also insist that the crate door remains securely attached to the crate. To do this, you’ll require some hand releasable cable ties like these.

Even if the airline doesn’t require the bolts and cable ties, you may like to purchase them for your own peace of mind that your pet will be safe and secure.

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Best Soft Pet Carrier / Best Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Soft Sided Dog Crate

Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier

A soft pet carrier is an alternative if you wanted a carrier for travel but find plastic dog carriers too bulky or unwieldy.

Or perhaps you would simply find it easier to carry around a sports bag style carrier, with the convenience of having sports bag style carry handles or a shoulder strap.

A soft dog carrier serves this need perfectly and is comfortable for your pet.

The Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier has plenty of useful features to make transportation, comfort and security of your pet easy.

It is an airline approved pet carrier and is great for in cabin air travel with your pet, if you are planning on traveling with your pet by air.

Click Here To Buy on Amazon

Soft Sided Dog Crates

Best Soft Sided Dog Crate

Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home

Similar to plastic crates, these types of crates are commonly used for travel. They also serve a function as a kind of dog home as well, being that they are more comfortable because they are soft.

When it comes to travel by air however, again regardless of it being marketed as airline approved, you will also want to check with the airline carrier that you are considering flying with, who may have their own additional requirements.

And also because they offer more privacy for your dog via mesh windows and rollup doors. To maintain their shape, these crates are usually reinforced by an internal steel frame.

Best Soft Sided Dog Crate

The Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home is the best dog crate if you are looking for a simple soft sided crate that you can use both indoors and outdoors.

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Dog Crate End Table / Furniture Dog Crates

Best Dog Crate End Table

Casual Home Pet Crate End Table

A dog crate end table or furniture dog crate is typically purchased for dogs that are kept indoors. Their main attraction is that they are a dog crate that looks like a piece of furniture, providing a sturdy and secure cage combined with a decorative design.

These wooden dog crate furniture designs typically come in one of two styles.

They can be a completely wooden dog crate. Or they can be a hybrid, consisting of a stylish wooden frame around a wire crate,

Either way, they are designed to have a wooden end, hence the end table name. And in turn this makes them stand out as an attractive table or centerpiece item of furniture, instead of a simple cage.

And of course being that the top functions as a table, that means you get to place books, ornaments or any other item that you like on top.

Best Dog Crate End Table

The Casual Home Pet Crate End Table is a beautiful piece of wooden dog crate furniture that will look great as a centerpiece in your living room or wherever you wish to have the crate. It is available in a choice of black, espresso, or white.

Click Here To Buy on Amazon

A popular alternative and example of the hybrid design is the Merry Products Dog Crate.

Heavy Duty Dog Crates

Escape Proof Dog Crate

ProSelect Empire Dog Crate

These are the toughest dog crates, and are a must if you have a dog that is aggressive, difficult to control, or tends to panic easily. Or if you have a Houdini dog that escapes from their crate.

These strong dog kennel cages designed for powerful Medium, Large and XL size dogs. They are made from tough metals like steel or aluminum.

They feature a more sturdy and robust design over their wire counterparts. Thus they fill the need of being an escape proof Alcatraz for Houdini escape artist dogs.

Heavy duty dog crates like the high end Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate and the mid-range reasonably priced Proselect Empire Dog Crate (we have dog crate reviews for both), are designed to keep your large dog secure, with a sturdy and robust build intended especially to withstand the force of an escape artist dog that is determined to break out.

Top 3 Heavy Duty Dog Crates

Here are the top 3 cages, one for each of 3 budget levels.
Max Security, Higher priced: Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate

High Build Design, Strength & Quality.

Maximum security - Virtually indestructible and escape proof.

Lightweight & collapsible for portability or storage.

Suitable for IATA 82 air travel requirements.

Get if you want maximum peace of mind, or if you have pet travel or space saving needs.

Check Price & Reviews
High-security, Mid-Priced: ProSelect Empire Dog Cage


High security - Will contain most dogs.

Has lockable wheels.

Best price/security combo cage.

Check Price & Reviews
Good security, budget priced: SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Metal Cage


Good security.

Has lockable wheels.

If you're on a tight budget, this is the best and most reviewed low cost crate.

Check Price & Reviews

Beware Cheap Heavy Duty Dog Crates

There are cheap heavy duty dog crates available too, but you will want to be very cautious and selective if you are wanting to go for one of those. Some of these crates are low quality. And while they may look stronger than a regular crate, your pet may have little difficulty destroying it. They may even be unsafe.

Some people refer to heavy duty kennels as Alcatraz dog crates or escape proof dog crates. They are named this way because they get the job done of keeping your pet secure. No more pet Houdini making short work breaking out of their cage, then destroying their furniture, and cheekily greeting you at the door. These cages are gorilla tough, and some of them like the Impact Crate are strong enough for use by the military and police.

Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate

If you are looking for the best heavy duty dog crate that is the best balance of sturdy and price, then the ProSelect Empire Dog Crate (pictured above) is our choice of the best crate due to its great price/security combo and excellent dog crate reviews.

Click Here To Buy on Amazon

Or you can read our ProSelect Empire Dog Crate review.

Best High End Heavy Duty Dog Crate – Also Portable & IATA Air Travel Compliant

Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate

Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate

If you are happy to pay a bit more, then the high end Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate is our pick of the best dog crate, having an aluminum metal build that is both robust and secure.

On top of the stronger and more secure build over the ProSelect, it also comes with two further benefits.

It is portable and quite lightweight compared to the ProSelect, weighing in at just 43 lbs for the large size. So if you envisage needing to move the cage around from time to time – maybe even just to give your pet some fresh air outdoors, you have that flexibility.

If you need to travel with your pet, the portability helps with that too. But this crate was not just designed for portability, but also for safe air travel too. The Impact crate is CR 82 IATA compliant. This means it is airline compliant for traveling by air with your powerful pet.

However, do also check the airline’s pet travel requirements regardless. This is because while IATA pet crate requirements do provide a common set of standards across international airlines, those airlines are still free to (and do) set their own additional requirements.

With all it’s versatility, features and tough aluminum build, it is no surprise that this crate has received great dog crate reviews.

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How Many Doors Should A Dog Crate Have?

Dog crates usually come with a single door, double door, or triple door design.

The only reason why you will want to have a crate with more than one door is if you want to have greater convenience in accessing your pet and the areas inside the crate.

Or if you want your pet to have this extra convenience. If you do not need more than one door, then there is no need to buy a crate with more than one door.

Should You Use The Crate’s Plastic Pan Floor Or Buy A Dog Crate Bed?

AmazonBasics Dog Bed

AmazonBasics Dog Bed

Dog crates typically come with a durable plastic pan floor. The pan is usually very easy to clean for maintenance or accident cleaning purposes.

Click Here To Buy This Bed on Amazon

However if the crate is also going to be used as a bed or personal kennel for your dog, rather than just for training purposes, then you may wish to purchase a dog crate bed to make your pet feel more comfortable inside the crate.

Of course, your pet should also have already been potty trained, otherwise that bed will quickly get soiled and not last very long. And similarly, you will want to consider how you’ll be providing food and water to your pet.

You will probably at least want a sturdy, secure and non-spill water dispenser and/or bowls that you hang inside the cage, rather than loose food and water bowls on the floor that can easily be spilled.

What Dog Crate Size Do I Need?

One important aspect when it come to purchasing the best dog crate for your pet is that you select a crate that is neither too small, nor too large. So you will want to ensure that you have measured your dog correctly before you buy a crate.

You will need to measure your dog while he or she is standing naturally on all fours, the crates will need to be able to accommodate them while standing, as well as allowing your dog to be able to lie down and stretch to his full body length.

So you will also want to measure your dog while he is in his preferred sleeping style. In short, your dog should be able to comfortably stand, rest, and turn around inside the crate.

It should be no larger than that, otherwise you may find that your pet decides to use one section of the crate as the toilet.

What Size Dog Crate Chart

Crates can come in various sizes. Here's a rough guide to example crate sizes and suggested dog weight and example breeds.

Be sure to check to check the manufacturer or retailer's details of the crate you are considering purchasing, to confirm the cage dimensions, and their recommended weight and/or breeds that their crate is suitable for.
Max crate size (L x W)Max Dog WeightExample Dog Breeds
24" x 18"Up to - 25 lbsAffenpinscher, Maltese, Norfolk Terrier
30" x 24"25 - 40lbsAmerican Staffordshire Terrier, Beagle, German Pinscher, Irish Terrier,
36" x 24"41 - 70lbsAmerican Pitbull Terrier, Border Collie, Bull Terrier, Dalmatian
42" x 30"71 - 90lbsAiredale Terrier,Boxer, Malinois
48" x 30"90 - 110lbsAiredale Terrier, Boxer, Malinois
72" x 36"110 - 180lbsAkita, Great Dane, Siberian Husky

Getting The Crate Size Right Helps With Housebreaking

If the dog crate is not large enough for your dog to be able to relieve him or herself in, then he or she will usually refrain from relieving theirself while they are still inside the crate, making housebreaking easier.

The exception to the rule is for puppies, as they are still growing. Ensure that you get maximum value for money and look for a crate that comes with a divider panel. is large enough to accommodate your puppy as he grows.

For Puppies, Buy A Crate With Divider

A divider panel enables you to section off an area of the crate. This enabled you to keep the accessible area of the crate at the precise size that your puppy needs at his or her current size. You can move the divider further along the free space as your puppy grows.

As a general guide for the size of crate you need, bearing in mind the exception for puppies, here are the sizes of cage to look for:

  • For small breeds of dogs that way up to 25lbs, a crates measuring 24”L x 18”W x 21”H will be adequate.
  • The medium-sized dog up to 40lbs, you need a crates that measures 30”L x 21”w x 24”H.
  • For a large dog weighing up to 70lbs, you will need a crate that measures 36Lx24”Wx27”H.
  • For extra large dogs up to 90lbs, 42”L x 28”W x 31”H.
  • And the dogs larger than that the maximum size crate size you’ll be looking at a crate of 46”L x 30”W x 33”H or above.

Where To Buy Dog Crates?

You don’t have to look to far to discover a great place where to buy dog crates. Amazon have a fantastic selection of all the best dog crates. All the dog kennel cages featured on this page are at the time of writing available to buy on Amazon.

So scroll back up to choose the type of cage you require and click through to Amazon. If you do not like any of the designs we’ve highlighted, there are many more for you to investigate and select for yourself.

How To Fold A Dog Crate?

Thanks to its folding and collapsible design, metal wire dog crates like Midwest wire dog crates are just as quick and easy to take down as they are to set up. This is great if you want to conserve space when the crate is not in use, or if you need to stay in a hotel or other environment that requires your pet to be crated. Watch this video that shows you how to fold a dog crate:

Toys and Treats For Crate Training Anxiety

KONG Classic KONG Dog Toy

KONG Classic KONG Dog Toy

Good dog toys to keep them busy and treats can also help with separation anxiety too. The idea is to get your dog to learn that their crate is a pleasant and safe place to be.

Your dog must not feel that a crate is a place for punishment and abandonment.

Providing your pet with things that form a pleasant association with the crate can help a lot with this aim.

The Kong Dog Toy is one of the best supplemental tools available for separation anxiety crate training.

It functions as a dog chew toy, as well as a food and treat dispenser. Your dog is going to have to spend a bit of time to get the contents out of the toy. The idea is that they quickly become occupied with the toy and consuming the treats, instead of pining for you.

It comes in three different versions according to the age of your pet. There’s a fourth version for a power or extreme chewer.

  • Original standard or regular red Kong Classic version
  • Extreme Kong black version to suit extreme or heavy duty chewers
  • Pink or blue Puppy Kong for puppies
  • Purple Senior Kong for senior dogs

There are different Kong dog toy sizes of each version to suit the breed and build of your pet.

Learn more about the Best Dog Toys and their benefits

Is The Thundershirt Good For Crate Training and Separation Anxiety?

Thundershirt For Dog Anxiety

Thundershirt For Dog Anxiety

If you have a dog that has acute anxiety issues, you could check out the Thundershirt for dog anxiety. It’s available to buy on Amazon.

It is not something to simply put on your dog and hope that it solves the problem though. It’s more like a tool that you may like to use to help with active crate training. Using the Thundershirt for brief periods while actively training your pet to get used to using the crate.

This is because it’s mainly a situational device designed to help your pet get through temporary situations that cause them a high degree of anxiety. For example times of loud and disruptive noises like thunderstorms. Or for taking your pet away with you for travel, if that’s something that they’re not used to and/or not comfortable with.

It works by applying a gentle pressure to the dog like they are being hugged. Hence it provides a sensation of being comforted during stressful situations. So it may help while actively crate training with your pet. But perhaps not so much for leaving your pet alone and returning later in the day.

What About The Thunderspray?

Thunderspray Calming Spray For Dogs

Thunderspray Calming Spray For Dogs

Some dogs respond better to having their olfactory senses stimulated, rather than the physical stimulation provided by the Thundershirt.

As such the makers of Thundershirt have also produced the Thunderspray.

The Thundersrpay contains natural pheromones and combines with them with the soothing scents of camomile and lavender to stimulate a calming and comforting effect on your dog.

Click Here To Shop For The Thunderspray

Best Dog Crate Guide Summary

So now you are armed with all the above info on the different types of crates. You’re now able to choose the correct kennel for you. Our selection of crates are backed with excellent dog crate reviews from its buyers. So you are also able to shop with confidence for the best dog crate of each category for your pet.

You also learned to take into account whether your pet is a puppy or adult, their size, and their temperament. Each of these essential considerations to help with choosing a kennel. And also to consider whether the crate is solely for training and home use, or also for travel.

Now you know all of the essentials to choosing a dog cage. We trust that you now feel confident to buy the correct crate for you and your dog.