Petmate Sky Kennel Review

If you want to fly with your pet then you will be needing to purchase a crate that meets International Airline Travel Organization (IATA) requirements. For most pet owners a strong plastic crate will do. In this article we’ll discuss the popular Petmate Sky Kennel. Note: If you have a dog breed commonly associated as fighting/dangerous e.g. certain breeds of mastiffs, terriers and pit bulls, you will require a crate that meets tougher requirements – please read our IATA 82 Dog Crates article instead.

Petmate Sky Kennel Review (more…)

Escape Proof Heavy Duty Dog Crates Buying Guide

So you’re here because your dog makes light work figuring out how to destroy or escape from a standard crate, and wondering if there are crates strong enough to put a stop to that. So now it’s time for a gorilla tough escape proof dog crate¬†to secure your strong or smart Houdini right? Great, you’re in the right place. We’ve reviewed a selection of the toughest¬†heavy duty dog crates and kennels to secure small Houdinis to large powerful dogs that best fit a variety of needs and budgets.

Heavy Duty Dog Crates

Regular crates are no good for an escape minded large or powerful dog. They will happily destroy, chew, or break out from a regular kennel. Neither are they suitable for smart Houdini dogs. They quickly learn where crate weaknesses are and then exploit them as soon as you’re out of sight. (more…)

Impact Dog Crate Stationary & Collapsible Review

The Impact Dog Crate Collapsible and Stationary Crates are part of the range of products produced by Impact Dog Crates (formerly known as Impact Case and Container, and Kennect Pet). They are also sold under the Grain Valley brand name. They are a fantastic solution for dog owners looking for a secure, robust, heavy duty dog crate to secure their pet.

Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate

In this Impact Case Dog Crate review, we take a look at these US made virtually indestructible and inescapable dog crates. And we’ll let you know exactly what they have to offer for your investment. (more…)

ProSelect Empire Dog Crate Review

If you have a dog that is an escape artist, then you may have heard about the ProSelect Empire Dog Crate. It has very quickly gained popularity as an option in the heavy duty market.

ProSelect Empire Dog Crate


But is it actually any good? Is it strong enough to handle powerful jailbreaking dogs? Is it secure enough to prevent Houdini dogs from figuring a way out? Let’s take a closer look. (more…)

How To Keep Your Dog From Escaping Their Crate – Stop Escape Artists

Many people think that simply buying a crate will be enough to keep their pet secure and contained. Unfortunately this is not always the case, a dog that hasn’t been crate trained sees being crated as either a game or something they have to break out of at all costs.

Dog Escapes Crate

The clever ones will learn how to exploit the crate’s weaknesses, the rest will simply use brute force to attempt to break out and permanently destroy it. We’ll take a look at some examples of how they do this and how to keep your dog from escaping their crate.

If you are simply looking for a new robust crate to contain your pet, see our article on heavy duty dog crates. (more…)

IATA CR 82 Dog Crates Buying Guide (Air Travel with Pitbulls / “Dangerous” Dogs)

When it comes to traveling with powerful dogs that have a reputation fairly or not for being dangerous, aggressive or prone to fighting, you need to find a crate that goes beyond standard IATA airline approved dog kennel requirements. You will need to look at IATA 82 dog crates that meet more stringent security and build quality requirements to be able to fly with your pet.

IATA 82 Dog Crates

Heavy Duty IATA 82 Compliant Impact Case Stationary Dog Crate

Safety is critical when flying for passengers and pets alike. So for dog breeds that may make short work of a plastic crate, special crate requirements are in place. IATA CR 82 sets out specific additional requirements to the standard IATA requirements for a more strong, sturdy and robust dog crate to keep large, powerful and strong dogs secure. Let’s look at what they are and help you buy an IATA 82 dog kennel for flying with your pet. (more…)