Airline Approved Dog Crates For Pet Travel Buying Guide

nIn this guide, we’ll be looking at the types of International Air Transport Association (IATA) airline approved dog crates and carriers available and where to buy them. We’ll be looking at airline pet travel requirements for carriers, standard crates, and stronger IATA CR 82 crates for dog breeds that are considered to be aggressive or dangerous.

airline approved dog crates

It is important when flying with your pet to select a crate or carrier that meets the IATA requirements for air travel with your breed of dog.


Midwest iCrate Pet Crates For Dogs Review

Welcome to our Midwest iCrate Pet Crates for Dogs Review. We will be looking at the features and benefits of this bestselling range of dog cages.

Midwest iCrate Pet Crates For Dogs

The Midwest iCrate dog crate is among the best dog crates on the market right now, designed for the safety, security and comfort of your pet. It’s particularly desired for training puppies as they grow into an adult dog.

The manufacturer, Midwest Homes For Pets have been an established player in the pet containment market for years, with a 90 year history and division of Mid-west Metal Products. So this is no fly-by-night company that doesn’t know much about pets. They also manufacture some of the best dog playpens for exercising your pet in safe space too. (more…)

Midwest Life Stages Dog Crate Review

Welcome to our review of the Midwest Life Stages Dog Crate. In this review we will be going through the features and benefits of the Midwest Life Stages Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate as well as letting you know where to get the best price for this dog crate.

Midwest Life Stages Dog Crate

The Midwest Life Stages Crate is a popular choice of dog cage made by one of America’s longest established manufacturers in the pet care market – Midwest Homes For Pets, itself a division of Mid-West Metal Products. They also manufacture some of the best dog playpens for exercising your pet in safe space too.

Midwest Home For Pets have over 90 years of business experience to draw from. (more…)

Dog Kennel Covers To Settle Your Pet

Dog kennel covers are a great way to help calm your dog down.

dog kennel covers

They are also great for helping to teach him when it’s time to quieten down and take a nap or go to sleep.

On this page we’ll discuss the use of kennel covers for dog crates.

We’ll also look at some popular covers to purchase for your crate.

If you’re in a rush, you can choose the type of crate cover you’re looking for from the categories below. (more…)

Best Dog Toys 2018 For Puppies, Dogs, & Extreme Chewers

Just like us dogs benefit well from exercise and entertainment. Naturally we can’t be worth our pets all of the time, but that does not mean that your canine companion should be left in boredom in your absence. There are a fantastic range of toys to purchase for your pet that can help with crate training. In this article we select some of our choices of the best dog toys to give your dog some exercise and help keep him or her entertained and out of mischief.
Best Dog Toys