Dog kennel covers are a great way to help calm your dog down.

dog kennel covers

They are also great for helping to teach him when it’s time to quieten down and take a nap or go to sleep.

On this page we’ll discuss the use of kennel covers for dog crates.

We’ll also look at some popular covers to purchase for your crate.

If you’re in a rush, you can choose the type of crate cover you’re looking for from the categories below.


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Should You Use A Dog Crate Cover?

Well the answer to this question depends on what you want to cover your dog crate for. If you want to cover it because you want to keep your dog out of sight, or as a disciplinary method then this is not a good idea. It may increase your dog’s anxiety levels and she may misbehave or exhibit other negative traits in response.

If you want to cover your pet’s crate to make her feel at ease, relax and settle down, then this is a good idea. But you may need to introduce it very gradually so that your pet is not alarmed or caused anxiety by it.


Dog cage covers help your dog to settle as they do two things.

First of all they remove all the visual stimulation from your dogs sight. This is especially useful for puppies that are always excitable and ready to play. As your pet can’t see what’s going on, it helps your pet to relax, but with the proviso that there are no unusual or sudden noises to make her get excitable.

Second of all, they make the cage darker. This makes the crate feel more like sleep time for your pet, again especially useful for puppies. The less light, the more your pet starts to feel like it’s night time and time to sleep. Just like we tend to feel more tired when we’re in dim light.

When To Use

Instead consider using a crate cover only when you wish to encourage your pet to relax, settle down and go to sleep. And introduce him to the cover gently by remaining in the room with her when you cover the crate. Once she knows that cover does not equal abandonment, she will  become used to the idea that it simply means time to rest.

How To Introduce It To Your Pet

Dog cage covers can be introduced very gently by covering a small part of the crate at the time. So for example you can begin by initially just resting the cover on the top of crate for a day or two. Then progressively move to extending the cover to begin gradually covering the sides of the crate.

What If My Pet Doesn’t Like Their Crate Being Covered?

If you cover the crate and your dogs starts whimpering, barking, or even starts trying to attack the cover or the cage itself, then you will know that your dog is not taking too well to having their crate covered.

Spend some time with her while introducing her to the cover using the tip above. This helps to reassure her that everything is fine and she is safe. She will then learn to accept and become comfortable when the cover is applied.

Can I Make My Own Pet Crate Cover?

Some people use drapes or something similar to cover their crate. But we recommend that you go buy a purpose built pet crate cover, as these tend to be designed with more appropriate materials.

If there is a crate cover especially designed by the manufacturer to fit their crates, even better. It provides a snug fit and perhaps ease of opening or removing the crate cover in full or part. This creates a better user experience for you and your dog. It also provides better aesthetic appeal through the cover’s design and great fit.

If you do want to make your own pet crate cover, here’s a page on that topic.

Can I Buy a Soundproof Dog Crate Cover?

If you are wondering how to soundproof a dog crate, that’s a simple question that doesn’t have a simple answer. To cut to the point, no, you can’t buy a soundproof dog crate cover, or in any way soundproof the dog crate. This is for the simple fact that your pet needs air to breathe. Therefore, there must be an opening in the cover. An opening that allows air in, also allows sound out.

To mitigate, a thick blanket or curtain draped over most of the crate may help stifle the amount of sound that can escape outside the cage. But again, you will want to ensure that the cage remains well ventilated. You will also need to be sure that it doesn’t make the temperature inside the cage too warm and uncomfortable for your pet.

In any event, a crate cover is supposed to help calm a dog down. So if your pet is getting upset and anxious in his crate, then trying to soundproof the crate in order to drown out the noise is not the answer. It may simply exacerbate the problem.

Instead it would be a good idea to invest in some dog crate training with your pet. You may also need an escape proof dog crate if your pet tends to be a bit of a Houdini or gorilla with the crate(s) used to date. If he or she is relaxed, comfortable and not feeling abandoned in their crate, then they will not feel a need to bark and whine and try to escape.