If you believe a dog crate should also look fantastic in your home, then read on for our Merry Products Dog Crate End Table With Cover Review.

Merry Products Dog Crate

Dog crates that look like furniture are a fantastic way to turn an unsightly dog cage into a fantastic centerpiece. This Merry Products deluxe wood and wire dog crate is a product that achieves exactly that effect.

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It is not only designed to function as a dog crate. It’s also designed to have the appearance of an end table piece of furniture.

This wire and wood dog crate furniture combination enables you to have your crate as a beautiful centerpiece in your living room, family room or bedroom. Or simply to add more appeal to whatever space you choose to position it in the room.


  • Looks like a great piece of furniture thanks to the wooden panels that cover the main crate components.
  • Store or rest items on top of the crate thanks to its table top like wooden top finish.
  • Feels like a den to your dog through covered top, whilst not obstructing your pet’s view around the sides.
  • Crate is easy to clean thanks to its removable plastic tray.
  • Successfully housebreak your puppy with a divider panel. This allows your puppy to grow into his crate without having excess space to use for elimination.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble with no hardware required.
  • Easy to transport as it is fully functional without the wooden parts.


The Merry Products Cage With Crate Cover Set comes in Small, Medium and Large sizes. Here are the dimensions of the internal wire dog cage and the external end table cage cover.

Wire Dog Crate Dimensions (not including End Table Cover):

  • Small: 24″ Length x 18″ Width x 19″ Height
  • Medium: 30″ Length x 19″ Width x 21″ Height
  • Large: 42″ Length x 28″ Width x 30″ Height

End Table Crate Cover Dimensions:

  • Small: 27″ Length x 20 5/8″ Width x 22 1/2″ Height
  • Medium: 32 1/2″ Length x 21 5/8″ Width x 23 3/8″ Height
  • Large: 44 1/2″ Length x 30″ Width x 31 1/2″ Height

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Standard dog crates look exactly as they were intended – as a cage in which to contain your dogs. While they are not necessarily ugly, they are no fantastic piece of furniture either.

Merry Products have stepped in to produce this fantastic small, medium, and large cage with crate cover that is an attractive furniture piece for dog owners that want their living room to look much more interesting, instead of being a room with a cage inside. This is a crate designed to combine style with functionality.

The Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover Set is a combination of a black powder coated free standing fully functional crate with MDF and beautiful Mahogany brown solid wood veneer cover.

The cover turns your pet crate from just a cage into a fantastic side table that can be used as such, keeping your dog safely contained, while you can rest items on the table top cover.

Alongside a removable pan for easy cleaning, you also get a divider panel to enable you to control the space available in the crate. This is very important while training your pup as he or she grows into his or her fully grown adult size. Among other things, it discourages your pet from using otherwise excess space as a potty.

The crate is easy to assemble and disassemble and requires no hardware to do so.

Any Negatives?

While the overwhelming majority of reviews for the Merry Products end table pet crate with cage cover are positive, not everyone has had a great experience with this Merry dog crate. Among the few dissatisfied customers the most comment complaints were that they didn’t find the cage was strong enough to stop their pet damaging it or escaping.

Some purchasers of the crate felt that the construction of the crate and/or its MDF with solid wood veneer was a bit flimsy. A few experienced damaged crates on delivery. Nevertheless, those who have had a bad experience represent a fraction of the number of customers that have left very high ratings for this crate.


The Merry Products Pet Cage With Crate Cover is a fantastic crate for pet owners that want a dog crate that looks more attractive than a standard dog cage. It is especially suitable for owners of small or already housebroken pets.

For dog owners that have pets that are likely to try to break out, the best dog crate type to consider are heavy duty escape proof dog crates, coupled with good crate training. Securing Houdini dogs is not what the Merry Products crate is designed for. It’s designed for aesthetic appeal. A small number of customers with escape artists dogs unsurprisingly reported their pet did not have much difficulty breaking out.

That said, the Merry Products Dog Crate with Wooden Cover has achieved a great rating from online reviews indicating most customers were delighted with their cage.

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