What Is The Best Dog Crate To Buy In 2016?

What Is The Best Dog Crate To Buy In 2016?

Best Dog CrateFinding the best dog crate in 2016 depends on a number of factors as there are several different types to choose from, and different purposes to use them for.

The most common reason for buying a crate is for dog training. They are a great aid for training a dog, whether you’ve just become the proud owner of a new small puppy, or a large adult dog.

Or if you have a pet that can get a bit aggressive or out of control, or a pet that simply can’t stop getting up to mischief. So working out what the best dog crate to buy is, depends on a number of factors.

In addition to crates for home use, dog crates for travel are also available for whether you are taking your pet for a journey by car to the vet, or via plane to fly cross-country.

Thundershirt For Dog Anxiety

Thundershirt For Dog Anxiety

The type of crates that you will buy will depend on the size of your dog, as well as his or her temperament. Some crates simply serve as a container for your pet, which your pets will not try to escape from. Other crates are very strong and sturdy to contain dogs that will do their best to break or escape from the cage.

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KONG Classic KONG Dog Toy

KONG Classic KONG Dog Toy

Good dog toys to keep them busy can also help with separation anxiety too. The Kong Dog Toy is one of the best available, and in addition to a regular version, it also comes in versions to suit heavy duty chewers, puppies and senior dogs.

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So one of the first essentials to consider before buying a crate is the size and weight of your dog, and whether your dog is likely to remain passive, or get aggressive or panic when placed inside a crate.

Assuming you have a puppy, or a tame dog that will not try to break out of his cage, there are several types of crates that you may buy.

You can buy crates are made of wood, wicker, plastic, metal wire, soft sided material, or metal including aluminum. Let’s look at each of these different types, so you can find the best pet crate for you in the correct category.

Types Of Dog Crate

Wire Dog Crate

Midwest iCrate Single-Door Home Training and Travel SeriesThe wire dog crate is the traditional dog crate. They are highly popular for owners that want a sturdy and secure solution, and particularly suited for crate training puppies or dogs that have already been crate trained.

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They also provide maximum visibility you to keep an eye on your pet and vice versa.

The Midwest iCrate and Midwest Life Stages crate are two of the bestselling crates in this category.

They are a great solution for large dogs that do not go crazy and try to bash, smash, or chew their way out of the crate, when locked inside.

Wicker Dog Crate

Wicker Dog CrateThese crates are mainly aimed at owners of dogs that are already crate trained who are looking for a crate a little different and decorative.

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Because the main material is wicker, it can easily be chewed and destroyed, so wouldn’t want to use it for an untrained pet, lest they quickly rip away all the wicker and destroy the crate.

Wicker dog crates may have their frame reinforced with metal wire.

Plastic Dog Crate / Carrier

Plastic Dog Crate
A Plastic dog crate is most commonly used for transporting your pet from one location to another. As such, they often include a carry handle and may also be referred to as a hard-sided dog carrier or plastic dog carrier.

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You may have seen these in use in particular when somebody has just become the owner of a new cat or dog – maybe that’s why you’re looking right now! They are typically used only in a very temporary capacity, not as a dog’s den.

They also make the job of transporting your pet to the vet a lot easier and safer. They are also popular with people that like to travel with their pet by air, as you can find many plastic crates that are airline approved.

Their storage footprint is light too, as commonly the top and bottom halves are separable and then one half can be stored inside the other.

Soft Pet Carrier

Soft Sided Dog CrateA soft pet carrier is an alternative if you wanted a carrier for travel but find plastic dog carriers too bulky or unwieldy.

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Or perhaps you would simply find it easier to carry around a sports bag style carrier, with the convenience of having sports bag style carry handles or a shoulder strap. A soft dog carrier serves this need perfectly.


Soft Sided Dog Crates

Soft Sided Dog CrateSimilar to plastic crates, these types of crates are commonly used for travel. They also serve a function as a kind of dog home as well, being that they are more comfortable because they are soft.

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And also because they offer more privacy for your dog via mesh windows and rollup doors. To maintain their shape, these crates are usually reinforced by an internal steel frame.

Dog Crate End Table

Merry Products Cage with Crate CoverA dog crate end table is typically purchased for dogs that are kept indoors, often serving as a sturdy and secure, yet also a decorative solution.

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These dog crate furniture designs have stylish wooden frame or outline with the top of the crate of course being wooden so that it serves as a stand out table or centerpiece item of furniture that you can place books, ornaments or any other item that you like on top.

These crates usually have either a casing entirely made of wood, or a wood facade encasing a metal wire crate.

Heavy Duty Dog Crates

Escape Proof Dog CrateThese are the toughest dog crates, and are a must if you have a dog that is aggressive, difficult to control, or tends to panic easily.

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They are made from metals like steel or aluminum, featuring a more sturdy and robust design over their wire counterparts to solve the problem of creating an escape proof Alcatraz for Houdini escape artist dogs.

Heavy duty dog crates like the Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate and the Proselect Empire Dog Crate are designed to keep your large dog secure, with a sturdy and robust build intended especially to withstand the force of an escape artist dog that is determined to break out.

Some people refer to cages in this category as the Alcatraz of dog crates or escape proof dog crates, after seeing their pet Houdini make short work breaking out of prior standard cages and then destroying their furniture, and not being able to make such short work of these cages.

If you need to travel or envisage needing to move the cage around a lot, cages like the aforementioned Impact Collapsible Dog Cage are also designed with travel and portability in mind. The Impact crate is also IATA compliant, so it is even airline compliant if you have a need to fly with your pet.

How Many Doors Should A Dog Crate Have?

Dog crates usually come with a single door, double door, or triple door design.

The only reason why you will want to have a crate with more than one door is if you want to have greater convenience in accessing your pet and the areas inside the crate.

Or if you want your pet to have this extra convenience. If you do not need more than one door, then there is no need to buy a crate with more than one door.

Should You Use The Crate’s Plastic Pan Floor Or Buy A Dog Crate Bed?

Dog crates typically come with a durable plastic pan floor. The plan is usually very easy to clean for maintenance or accident cleaning purposes. However if the crate is also going to be used as a bed or personal kennel for your dog, rather than just for training purposes, then you may wish to purchase a dog crate bed to make your pet feel comfortable retiring to the crate when he or she wants to rest or sleep.

What Dog Crate Size Do You Need?

It is important that you get a crate that is neither too small, nor too large. So you will want to ensure that you have measured your dog before you buy a crate.

You will need to measure your dog while he or she is standing naturally on all fours, the crates will need to be able to accommodate them while standing, as well as allowing your dog to be able to lie down and stretch to his full body length.

So you will also want to measure your dog while he is in his preferred sleeping style. In short, your dog should be able to comfortably stand, rest, and turn around inside the great.

It should be no larger than that, otherwise you may find that your pet decides to use one section of the crate as the toilet.

If the dog crate is not large enough for your dog to be able to relieve him or herself in, then he  or she will usually refrain from relieving theirself while they are still inside the crate, making housebreaking easier.

The exception to the rule is for puppies. As they are still growing and to ensure that you get maximum value for money, look for a crate that is large enough to accommodate your puppy as he grows, but which also comes with a divider panel.

A divider panel enables you to section off an area of the crate, so that you can keep the accessible area of the crate at the precise size that your puppy needs at his or her current size, and then move it further along as your puppy grows.

As a general guide for the size of crate you need, bearing in mind the exception for puppies, here are the sizes of cage to look for:

  • For small breeds of dogs that way up to 25lbs, a crates measuring 24”L x 18”W x 21”H will be adequate.
  • The medium-sized dog up to 40lbs, you need a crates that measures 30”L x 21”w x 24”H.
  • For a large dog weighing up to 70lbs, you will need a crate that measures 36Lx24”Wx27”H.
  • For extra large dogs up to 90lbs, 42”L x 28”W x 31”H.
  • And the dogs larger than that the maximum size crate size you’ll be looking at a crate of 46”L x 30”W x 33”H or above.


Best Dog Crate Guide Summary

Armed with all the above info, you are now ready to shop for the best dog crate for your pet. Taking into account whether he or she is a puppy, their size, their temperament and whether the crate is mainly going to be used for training and home use, or for travel, you can now find the best dog kennel for your pet in the relevant section of this site.

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Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate Review

Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate Review

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Shop Now for this crate on Amazon: Large Gray (35″L x 25″W x 29″H)

or X-Large, Medium sizes, plus Colors: Desert Tan, Red, Blue, Purple, Green

When it comes to heavy duty dog crates, we are looking for a cage that is stronger, sturdier, and more secure than the standard wire dog crate.

The Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate is one of the crates on the market aimed at serving this purpose for those with the budget to stretch for it, and comes with a number of features built in that will be welcomed by people looking for portability or the possibility of travel.

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Merry Products Pet Cage With Crate Cover Review

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Midwest Life Stages Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate Review

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The Midwest Life Stages Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate is a popular dog cage made by one of America’s longest established manufacturers in the pet care market – Midwest Homes For Pets, themselves a division of Mid-West Metal Products.

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Midwest iCrate Single-Door Home Training and Travel Series Review

Midwest iCrate Single-Door Home Training and Travel Series Review

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ProSelect Empire Dog Crate Review

ProSelect Empire Dog Crate Review

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In fact the Proselect dog crate has very quickly established itself as a firm customer favorite in the market for heavy duty dog crates.

Purpose built to contain your aggressive or powerful dog, the ProSelect Empire Dog Crate is strong and robust. Continue reading

Dog Crate Training Basics To Get Your Pet Using Their Crate

Dog Crate Training Basics To Get Your Pet Using Their Crate

Crate Training BasicsHaving a dog is like having a new member of the family, but just like with a toddler, your pet can get up to mischief without some good crate training basics to teach them to understanding your boundaries.

Or maybe your dog will not react well to guests (or maybe is too friendly with and demanding attention from guests), or vice versa – maybe your guests are fearful or uncomfortable around dogs, so you need somewhere to keep her and your guests safe from disturbing each other.

First things first, you need to learn some dog crate training basics to introduce your dog to her crate and get her to start entering it and feeling comfortable with the door closed.

A crate enables you to house train your dog, reducing stress and anxiety for your family, your guests and your pet. They also come in handy for keeping your pet safe and secure while transporting him or her from one place to another. Let’s look at some basics in dog crate training to get your pet to accept and start using their crate. Continue reading

Tips For Crate Training An Adult Dog

Tips For Crate Training An Adult Dog

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There is the saying that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” And this simply stems from the fact that like with us humans, we can be easily trained to behave in a certain fashion when we are toddlers, but as teenagers or adults, not so likely. But that does not mean it is impossible, just that it may be more tricky, and may require more patience. Continue reading

Use A Puppy Crate Training Schedule For Faster Housebreaking Benefits

Puppy Crate Training Schedule

Puppy Crate Training ScheduleJust like having a daily routine helps with raising children and teaching them organizational skills and discipline to prepare them for adult life, puppies and untrained older dogs too can benefit a lot from having a puppy crate training schedule to quickly teach them how you expect them to behave, and to get them used to using their crate at certain times of the day.

One of the first things a puppy needs to learn is to become aware of her ability to control her bladder and bowel, and she will quickly learn this as she realizes that not only does she not want to be trapped in the crate with her own mess, but that you will soon come to let her out, because you have learnt how frequently she needs to go and have become responsive to that need. So let’s look at how you can quickly gain the benefits of having a housebroken pet with the aid of a crate. Continue reading